Teal – This is my favorite color…or my favorite shade of my favorite color…. always has been, but just my luck it is the newest fad in color schemes which I LOVE, so it made it easy on me to decide.

Olive – Ironically, I do not eat olives…. but Olives are a well-known icon for the Italian heritage and, well, my family is ITALIAN! I love that about my family. So I wanted something that linked me to my Italian-ness (that’s a word, right?!). And not only the olive, but olive branches…. They symbolize peace or victory. And we all need a little peace in our lives, right? :) 

Designs – Then there’s that. What I do.


I am originally from a little town in North Georgia called Helen. My family runs a cabin business there. I grew up as an athlete, fully involved in sports of all kinds every single day of my life. My summers were filled with camps and practices one after the other sometimes on top of one another. I was always busy playing something! Basketball was my heart. I loved playing basketball from as early as I can remember. I also played softball, track and golf in high school. Basketball earned me a full scholarship to play in college at the Division 1 level at Kennesaw State University. I played for 2 years and continued to pursue my degree in Graphic Design there. After graduation I stepped into my first job at Score Atlanta as the Creative Art Director. Over the 8 years I was there, we expanded our clientele from being a weekly newspaper for high school sports to being a full-service sports marketing company whose main client was the Atlanta Falcons. We created the Annual yearbook, Training Camp Guide and Game-Day Programs just to name a few  of the projects. I left the company in 2016 when my husband and I decided to start a family so that I could focus on my freelance company and be a stay-at-home mom. It has been a whirlwind of a journey, but I love every second of it.

It didn’t take me long to realize once I was pregnant that I was constantly on the look out for high-quality, unique baby items and toys. This prompted me to create my own baby journal for my son rather than purchasing one, and now I am thrilled to be offering other baby items in my store that I am sure you will love just the same!


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